More than just a lending partner.


Crosswind Financial provides flexible financing options to help you acquire properties, begin construction and complete projects. Here's a breakdown of the four loan programs and the situations to which they apply:


  • Acquisition-only Loans

  • Construction Loans

  • Construction-completion Loans

  • Inventory-financing Loans



Acquisition-only Loans

We provide you with the financing to purchase a property quickly. We cater to short-term loans with low fees so that you are free to use bank financing once you have your plans ready.

Construction Loans

We finance the cost of acquiring a lot and building a new home. We increase the loan amount over time, distributing cash as you reach various milestones on your project.  

Construction-completion Loans

If your project is in the middle of construction and goes over budget, a new opportunity arises, other funding gets delayed or there are problems with your existing lender, we provide funding to enable you to successfully complete the project. 

Inventory-financing loans

After you have completed a project and it is on the market, we allow you to tap into the equity you have created. These loans let you take cash out of your last project so it is available for your next project (before your last project has sold).